Here's Your Definitive Answer To The Question, Can Floyd Mayweather Read? (He Cannot)



Not really a surprise. If you didn’t watch 50 cent’s video yesterday and immediately realize that he was setting Floyd up to look like a fool then you  may need to get your head checked, but, with that said, it’s still funny to hear such a cocky motherfucker like Floyd struggle to read the most basic of words. Also nice to know that you can basically say whatever you want to him and spell it out and he’ll never know. Like when you were 4 and your parents would spell words out knowing you wouldn’t be able to piece it together. If I’m in Floyd’s entourage I’m spelling everything out loud that I don’t want Floyd to hear. Hey Floyd, I still think I could K-N-O-C-K  Y-O-U  O-U-T*




*given my set of highly detailed rules that put me in a super favorable position



h/t patkraft

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