Elizabeth Warren’s Favorite Curse Word Is Poop And That’s A Load Of Shit

Poop can’t be your favorite curse word. Just can’t be. There are so many good ones to chose from.

Even my four-year-old daughter knows that there are better words than poop.

I mean, what in the fucken heck, Elizabeth? When a reporter opens that can of worms, you gotta take it to the hole. Another dishonest answer from a politician. Hate to see it.

I do admit that it would throw me for a loop if Senator Warren looked me in the face after I expelled a long soliloquy and she said, “poop.” I would be hurt. There’s no question about that. I wouldn’t be enraged or anything. Just hurt. Saying poop to someone who just spilled their guts to you is as dismissive as it comes. If she called me a cunt, I’d be mad. If she called me a mother bitch, I’d be frothing. If she called me a two-bit-little-dicked-fuccer I’d be through the roof and continue down the long road of point/ counter point. If she just said poop, I’d be defeated. There is no recovery. Game, set, match for the Senator from Massacussets. Poop.

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