Dream Job Alert – Guy In China Is A Breast Masseur, He Massages Breasts For A Living


(source) A man in China has taken on the predominately female profession of helping new mothers to produce breast milk for their babies. 29-year-old Yang Jun is one of only three registered breast masseurs in the country.He said: “At the beginning, my family didn’t understand why I chose this for a living, and my girlfriend opposed my work when she found out I would touch other women’s bodies.“But I persuaded them that it’s a noble profession and important to new mothers who desperately want to produce milk.” Only 28 percent of infants under six months are breastfed in China, far fewer than in many other countries.


Yang Jun you rat bastard you. Your job is to literally touch tits all day long. You milk tits for a living and I couldn’t be more jealous. And listen I know this is one of those things where people will say, but it’s a job, and what about all the uggo’s and blah blah blah. Fuck that. You think anyone gets ugly people pregnant? You think old ladies can have kids? Have you ever seen a fat asian person under the age of 50? Exactly. Yang hit the perfect sweet spot. The only redeeming quality of a pregnant woman is her titties. And Yang spends all day everyday fondling, caressing and milking them. Genius. The ultimate snake it till you make it move. How he talked everyone into it I don’t know, nor do I care, just the fact that he did makes him the man. Oh and send out the smoke patrol on that mannequin, scorching hot.




Could they have found a worse translator for Yang? Translating Chinese to Engrish isn’t exactly translating.

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