Don’t Worry Browns Fans, Maurice Clarett To The Rescue!





Availbility? Check. Explosion? Check. Behavior problems that have since been cleaned up? Check. Don’t call it a comeback, Maurice Clarett has been here for years. Someone get the Goose on Ice, Mo-C is back.



Posting highlight tapes and tweeting at the some Browns intern who runs their twitter account asking for a tryout has to be rock bottom, right up until you remember it’s Maurice Clarett we’re talking about here.





I have a friend that is a Browns fan. The day Trent Richardson got drafted he told me he was his all time favorite Brown because he had not fumbled in a Browns uniform yet. Checked in on him today and it was mostly screaming with a little bit of what sounded like soft crying. The moral of the story I guess is, don’t be a Browns fan.


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