Blackhawks Get Swept Out Of The Playoffs, Time To Puke

blackhawks sad


There will be plenty of time to analyze where things went wrong. That’ll probably be tomorrow. In the meantime, credit to the Predators. They were clearly the hungrier, meaner, tougher, and more disciplined team. I don’t know if you can trap and chip your way to a Stanley Cup, but you can clearly do it to the Blackhawks. They toasted the Blackhawks. Terrible, terrible performance. Can’t say that I’ve ever been more let down by a team as a fan. The team that looked like the best in the world in February completely fell apart down the stretch(and we ignored it) and then straight up didnt show up until there was like 14 minutes to go in the 3rd period of Game 4.


Having said all of that, there’s going to be a TON of negativity swirling after a disaster of a series like that. It’s important to remember how incredible this team has been, and could be again. Many people were calling this a “transition year” for the Blackhawks before the season because they were breaking as many as 9 rookies. They BLEW those expectations out of the water and finished a top the Western Conference. Then, obviously failed to meet their potential when it mattered most. There is no such thing as a good season in Chicago that doesn’t end in a Stanley Cup parade though, so this season was a failure. “Dynasty Reign” has been suspended. Goodnight.

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