Starting 5 Celebrity BeerFest Team


So this week on KFC Radio the question came up, if you had to choose a starting 5 celebrity Beerfest team who would it be? So lets do it, past, present, dead, doesn’t matter. Starting 5 beer drinkers for my team.


Center – Andre The Giant

No brainer. Anchor of my team. He once drank 119 beers in 6 hours. That is unreal. That’s 1 beer every 3 minutes for 6 hours straight. 5 people would struggle to do what 1 man did. I don’t even need the rest of my team once I have Andre the Giant, that’s how good he is. Best drinker of all time.


Power Forward – John Daly

I’m pretty sure John Daly lives in a Hooters in Tampa. He’s the kind of guy who is the last to leave and first to come back. No one can party like John Daly can party. Also, this is an American team (sort of) and John Daly is America.



Small Forward – Chris Mullin

So he’s technically on the wagon, once Mullin sees Daly partying it up he’ll be back to his old ways in a blink of an eye.

Shooting Guard – Wade Boggs

Everyone knows the stories of Wade Boggs by now. How he used to drink 50-60 beers in one cross country trip with the team. Casual binge drinking is what we call that and Boggs was the best.

Point Guard РMaurice Clarrett 

Yeah its beerfest but if Maurice Clarrett can’t go anywhere without Grey Goose in his water bottle then I think he’ll do just fine on this team. Also adds a “I may kill everyone at the drop of a hat” edge. Need that.



Come on, too easy…


Anyone I miss?

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