Zimmerman Prosecution Continues To Impress


These guys are so bad it’s laughable. You know how some days you’ll have a big day at work? You’ll actually eat breakfast that day, do some pushups, maybe give yourself a pump-up speech. One of the most racially-fueled, public trials I’ve ever seen probably falls into that “important” category. But first they put Precious on the stand with her “hate speech” and now they can’t figure out how to use Skype without inviting every internet troll on the line. Guys, maybe a private profile? How ’bout going fullscreen so everyone at home can’t see the guys fucking screenname? Or, who knows, coulda been smart to make Scott Pleasants drive the 15 minutes it would take for him to get from the community college he teaches at to the courthouse. Really anything would have been better than getting trolled on Skype and having to put an iPhone on the stand. Doesn’t really scream professionals.


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