When Did Girls Start Pretending Like Their Lives Revolved Around The Bruins?


I may have asked this question before but when did Boston chicks become such humungous Bruins fans? I’ve never seen anything like it. Everytime the Bruins score a goal it’s like a race to the computer to see who can finger themselves the fastest and have the loudest orgasm on social media. What are you trying to prove? You don’t like hockey that much. Nobody does. These chicks probably don’t even know what offsides is. How do I know this? Because they’re fucking chicks that’s why! Like I have a hard time watching 3 periods of hockey without falling asleep nevermind a girl. When did this all start? Was it when Tyler Seguin and Nose Face came to town and all these chicks wanted to fuck them? Was it when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup? I just don’t get it. Chicks need to chill the fuck out with all this Bruins talk. You’re job is to do your hair and get all dolled up during the Bruins game so you look hot when it’s over. Not actually watch the game like you give a fuck. It’s wild.

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