What Kind Of Man Do You Have To Be To Sue A Kid On Your 14 Year Old Little League Team Because He Accidentally Injured You?




How can you do this and be able to wake up to take your morning piss, look down at your dick and balls, and say “I deserve those. I’m a man,”? Hm? How? I mean I’ve never pretended to be a man. At best I’m a boy, at worst I’m a chick with a dick. But I can rest easy tonight, knowing I’m not the least manly man in New England. Sure, I may not be able to change my own oil or build a log cabin. Maybe I don’t know how to make my own beef jerky and maybe if you asked me for an allen wrench I’d look at you like you asked me perfrom heart surgery. But, at the end of the day, I’d never sue a 14 year old I coached because his helmet accidentally hit me in the foot and my pussy Achilles tore. And that means today is a big victory for me.

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