Wait, Danny Amendolas Dad Is Suing The Cowboys Not Because He Was Hurt, But Because He’s Embarrassed?



DMA High School head coach, who was hit by an unmanned, electric golf cart at a football game, is suing the Dallas Cowboys for $1million. Willie Amendola was in the middle of an interview during celebrations at the end of the high school championship football game when the out-of-control cart ploughed into him and several bystanders. Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola is now suing Cowboys Stadium LP for $1 million, citing the ‘great personal embarrassment’ he has suffered after he was mowed down.


Well yesterday Pres was wondering why Amendola was suing if no one was hurt in the incident. Today we get the answer: he’s embarrassed. And I, for one, am totally on board with this lawsuit. That dive was embarrassing as hell. Definitely one million dollars worth of embarrassment. Look at that thing! Like a fat guy trying to get out of bed. He’s a football coach for God’s sakes. Supposed to have some athleticism, some masculinity. Willie Amendola displays none of that there. How’s he supposed to look his players in the eye next year? Tell them to go out there, fear no one and leave it all on the field when a golf cart going 5 MPH sends him running like a little school girl. I say one million dollars isn’t even enough for a career ruining move such as this.

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