Viva La Dogs! Barstool Dog Collars and Leashes Now In Stock





XXS 6-13″ neck – for tiny dogs like chihuahua and teacup breeds

XS 9-16″ neck – yorkie, shih tzu, toy poodle

S narrow 12-19″ neck – Jack Russell, westie

S wide 12-19″ neck – pug, westie, beagle

M 15-22″ neck – spaniels, corgi, border collie

L 18-25″ neck – goldens, labs, bulldogs, boxer

XL 21-28″ neck Bernese mountain dog, mastiff, Newfie, Great Dane


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The Barstool dog collars have finally arrived.   I’ve already heard grumblings about how expensive they are.   Hey shut up.   Do you know how hard it is to get custom quality dog collars made?   We looked at tons of samples and they were all crap.   Stuff I could have made way better margins on, but I wouldn’t put it on my dog if my life depended on it and I figured neither would anybody else.  Finally we settled on a dog company called Hot Diggity out of Cape Cod.    These things took almost 3 months to make.    They are expensive to buy, but they are high quality collars.  Nothing but the best for dogs wearing our brand.  Once they are sold out they will take a long time to get back in stock.   If you don’t want to spend the money that just means you don’t love your dog that much.  I won’t judge you or tell your dog, but I’m sure they’ll know.

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