URI Ends Campus Lockdown….3 Possible Explanations Given To Explain What Happened All Better Than The Next







SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I.The University of Rhode Island is ending a lockdown after about two-and-a-half hours Thursday and despite reports of an active shooter on its Kingston campus, an investigation revealed there was no gun or active shooter at any time. School officials canceled classes for the rest of the day Thursday, and said they would resume Friday. Rhode Island State Police said state police received a call at 11:22 a.m. reporting a man with a gun. Six minutes later campus police and South Kingstown police received a similar report. Police said a female professor believed she heard someone in her lecture hall say, “I’m a good guy and I have a gun.” A sophomore student in the class told NBC 10 she heard a growling type of scream. “It was repeated. I heard it a few different ways. It was either, ‘I’m a nice guy’ or ‘I have a gun’. It sounded like it was coming from a speaker or through the hall,” she said. “We didn’t know where it was actually coming from. “I look forward because I was sitting in the back and everyone just dropped and dove into the aisles of the seats, so that’s what I did. I literally just dropped. And the next thing you know our teacher’s screaming, ‘Run. Everybody get out.’ And she’s just screaming at us to get out. And I got up and run out and I don’t know, I may have hit some people. I don’t know, we were just running out.” Law enforcement officers and police dogs entered Chafee Hall and searched it room-by-room. A toy Nerf fun was found inside a backpack that belonged to a student in the class, though police said they didn’t know if it had any connection to the incident. Police said they are also investigating whether it was connected to an on-campus game called “humans versus zombies.”

Listen I get it. You can’t be too careful with school shootings nowadays. You have to do what you have to do. But in hindsight this was a pretty funny school shooting. It appears we have 1 of 3 scenarios to blame for today’s mass confusion.

1. Somebody was yelling “I’m A Nice Guy” and people freaked.
2. Somebody had a nerf gun in their backpack
3. It was just a classic humans versus zombies mixup which frankly can happen to the best of em.

Whatever the case may be it’s pretty clear there was no shooter. And thankfully we can all laugh about it now.  The time URI went into lockdown because somebody was screaming I’m A Nice Guy trying not to get shot with a nerf gun in humans vs. Zombies. URI FTW!

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