This Picture Of Johnny Football Seemingly Preparing To Blow Lines In Vegas Is Going Viral Even Though It’s Crap




Everybody is freaking out about this picture taken in Vegas this weekend.   Johnny Football appears to be rolling papers getting ready to blow some lines.   (I’ve never done coke but I think that last sentence was the correct lingo)   Anyway let’s put a stop to this garbage right here and now.  Listen I served with JFF. I know JFF. JFF is a friend of mine. There is no way Johnny Football is dumb enough to be blowing lines in a bathroom in Vegas. No chance. So what’s he doing here? Duh. He’s rolling money to stick it in his ear like how you stick a golf pencil in your ear. He’s rolling money to put in his mouth like a toothpick. That’s what you do when you’re on the Money Team you idiots. Read a book for me one time.




PS – JFF needs me in his crew more than ever. I’ll put a stop to this paparazzi madness.   You got to have better friends than guys who keep taking pictures of him partying trying to blow up his spot. You bring me in and I’ll smash cameras like you read about. That can be my role. Like how NFL teams have the get back coach I can be the No Pictures guy.

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