THIS Is Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend?

 The Sun TAYLOR Swift and Ed Sheeran are dating – according to US reports. The couple, who secretly dated last March before breaking things off to focus on their careers, have rekindled their romance. They are said to have grown close after 23-year-old Taylor split with One Direction star Harry Styles – and Ed, 22, got a tattoo on his arm in tribute to her album RED. A source said: “Taylor’s always loved Ed to bits, he’s just an adorably, sweet guy who makes her laugh and feel really confident whenever they’re together.”

A guy who makes you laugh?! That’s all you wanted Taylor?! Umm, hellllooooo. I write at least 3 funny blogs a year. Maybe 4 if a good masturbation story works its way into the news. And this is what you choose? I’m easily better looking that this guy (truth be told, I kinda look like him. But taller. And less red hair.) That puts me 2 points ahead.

I feel like Chris Rock right now. Taylor is a 10. Ed is a 4. That’s a 6 point differential! And I’ve been lovin’ Taylor all my life, when she came out with Tim McGraw… if I could get near her, if I could just talk to her, if I could just touch her. Then I see Ed Sheeran walk in the room and I’m like, “Man, I had a shot. We all had a shot.”


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