This Gif Of The Bruins Sweeping Away The Penguins Pretty Much Sums It Up Live Blog



There is no doubt in my mind the B’s sweep away the Pens tonight.   But can I tell you something that pisses me off.  People who try to make it sound like there is an ounce of pressure on the Bruins in this game.  Like oh shit we better not let the Penguins win 1 because then it’s pretty a must win back here for Game 6 at 3-2.   Fuck off.   There is no pressure on the Bruins tonight.  We’re gonna win because the Bruins are the best team in the NHL and the Penguins are chumps.  But if by some miracle the Penguins steal one we’ll just stomp em out next game.  There is a reason this series is 3-0.   We’re that much better.

PS – Time to start thinking of bets/ideas for B’s vs. Hawks.  Barstool Boston vs. Barstool Chicago.  Pres vs. Big Cat blah, blah, blah.

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