The Federal Government Understands Snow Days

(WeeklyStandard)The federal government in the Washington, D.C. area is closed today. Here’s the announcement, by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. So far, in Arlington, Virginia, there’s hardly a trace of snow. But the local NBC affiliate insists it’s coming later today. “Snow began falling in the region around midnight, and we can expect four to eight inches in the D.C. metro area before the season’s first true snowstorm is over,” reports NBC.

God I would love to see Pres’ sunburned face right now. Oh I’m lazy because when it snows I go into hibernation mode? Really? Well all of our elected officials do the same thing. What are you calling the federal government lazy now? Byahaha. Yeah, sure thing dude.

The second I see one single snowflake I’m posting this pic for a blog and shutting it down. Go have a snowball fight with Obama and his roided out wife throwing 105 MPH cheddar at me. If you’re gonna be lazy you at least need to be consistent.

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