Shout Out To This Dude Dine And Dashing All His Tinder Dates. We’re Evening The Playing Field!



LOS ANGELES A handsome man who attracts women online, then dines and dashes while on the date, has struck again, CBS Los Angeles reports. As a woman scrolls through her text messages with Paul Gonzales, she says she thought she was just going on a typical blind date. “He said, ‘Are you available at all this weekend for dinner?’ I said, ‘Yes, how about Sunday,’” the woman, who did not want to be identified, told CBS Los Angeles. One of the women says the restaurant was nice enough to comp Gonzales’ meal. She just had to pay for his glass of wine.




Gentlemen, we are on the board!


I love how this is a newsworthy report because it’s a dude. Oh, you had a meal and things didn’t end exactly how you wanted them to even though you paid for everything? Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Never in all of my days have I heard of something like this. You’re telling me that you paid for dinner and he just left, never giving you any notice at all? You just went home alone with nothing to join you in bed save for a lighter wallet? No second date? Truly horrifying stuff right there. A tale so grisly I can’t imagine how you survived it.


And how about the fucking restaurant paying her tab for her? WHAT? Imagine getting stood up on a date, or having the chick disappear right before dessert, and the wait staff comes out to console you then gives you everything for free? What a fucking world! If you’re a dude everyone comes out of the woodwork like it’s time for the birthday song only to roast you and take pictures of the dork loser to post on social media.


Still, we’re on the board. We’ve got one lone wolf out there letting girls know that two can play the “you pay for dinner and I don’t fuck you and we never speak again” game.

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