Shit Is Getting Real In Southie



Fucking Southie and their dumb ass parking rules.   If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times.  NOBODY should be allowed to save spots in the street.  It’s crazy town.  I don’t care if you shoveled out or not.  You don’t own that spot.  It’s a fucking street spot.  If somebody parks in your spot that means they came from another spot that is now open. Like these cars aren’t coming from mars.  Everybody had to shovel out.  Everytime somebody takes a new spot that means an old one opened up.  It’s just common sense. Now I’m not saying I’d steal somebody’s spot in Southie because Southie people got nothing better to do than stab you over it, but the whole system is ridiculous.  Where are Southie people going anyways?  I thought  Southie people didn’t leave Southie in the first place?   What are they saving their spot to go to PS coffee?





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