Sharon High School Spits On the Constitution By “Socially Suspending” A Student For Wearing A Barstool Sweatshirt….Wait What?



Ok so yesterday I wrote a blog about how Sharon High School eliminated the practice of having boys wear maroon robes at graduation and girls wearing white robes because they didn’t want to alienate anybody who didn’t identify as a male or female. I ranted and raved about how stupid this was. To me it was just another example of the pussification of America. How society tries to coddle everybody nowadays. It is just another offshoot of the everybody gets a trophy society we’re starting to live in. You can’t give bad grades because it hurts people’s feelings. Everybody needs equal playing time in sports. If 1 person is unhappy or has a problem you stop whatever you are doing and accommodate them. If Little Johhny isn’t getting enough playing time and a parent complains the coach gets fired. If a feminist thinks a Pepsi Skinny Can promotes eating disorders Pepsi has to stop making them. Easy Bake ovens can’t be pink anymore. You can’t wear girls and boys robes at graduation. You can’t do anything anymore without offending somebody. On and on and on it goes. That’s my problem.

At some point enough is enough. People are different. You don’t have to hide that fact by pretending everybody is the exact same and making them all wear 1 color robe. I’m sick of everybody knitpicking every little thing in society.  That was my issue. It has ZERO to do with hate or intolerance.  I could care fucking less about whether somebody is gay, straight, bi, transgender etc.  I really don’t give a shit. I’m the most liberal person in the world when it comes to stuff like that. People should celebrate differences.  Not pretend they don’t exist and try to hide them. That’s what having everybody wear the same exact thing means. What’s next? No male and female bathrooms? Can’t say your gender on your licenses? It’s insane.

Now you can agree with my blog or not. If Sharon High voted to go to 1 robe that’s cool. I think it’s crazy, but whatever they want to do. Either way that’s not really the point of the blog. Instead after I wrote my blog on Tuesday and I got this email yesterday.

Reader Email


On Wednesday 2/26 I went on the school announcements to announce that for video yearbook we needed to talk to all athletes who had committed to play a sport in college. I went on the announcements very casually wearing a barstool sweatshirt, as pictured below.



I was called to the office the next period, and the administration was furious with me. They blamed me for causing problems, and told me they were disgusted with me for supporting barstool. I was informed that I did not have complete freedom of speech, for example, “one can’t scream bomb in an airport, or fire in a movie theater, just to cause havoc.”

By simply standing by what I believed in (that the robe color(s) isn’t that important but it should be voted on) I was told by the Vice Principal that she “never wanted to see me at a school event again,” and told I wasn’t allowed to go to the Boys Basketball playoff game in Randolph. I was informed that if I attended I would be suspended from school, and they took the sweatshirt from me for the rest of the day.

As President of the Eagle Superfan Club, and winner of the “Most-Spirited” superlative, I was angry about this. I try to do a lot for the school, make events fun, and provide opportunities to support charity (all great things). As a prime example, if you look at the Channel 5 website you can see me facilitating the schools “Eye-Opener”, with a few friends in the TV Media class (this aired yesterday morning from 5-10, right before this incident). The school received a lot of emails complimenting them on how good this was, and how good it made Sharon look.

Despite this, because of my OPINION, the school denied me the option to attend a playoff game.

At lunch, the administration hosted an assembly with a ridiculous amount of teachers that agreed with them, telling how they were disgusted with barstool, that barstool portrayed Sharon as racist, sexist, transphobic, and insensitive. They also claimed that they “knew that only a few kids agreed with the article,” and that “the kids who agreed with the administration and the robe color outnumber everyone, and by making a stand will make the right things happen.”

Some students (with the School Video Program) attempted to film this, but they were told to immediately shut off their camera, and that the administration requested that this not be filmed.

Yesterday, I did not attend the game but all of my friends did. Many students wore barstool sports gear as well as “Free Steven” shirts. There were also viva la stool signs brought in, and (allegedly) members of the GSA ripped one of them out of anger.  Picture here:


s8fEuwKF (1)


I can understand the administration and other students disagreeing with me – that makes perfect sense. However, out of respect I have not once told the administration or the students who support them they were wrong (let alone call them disgusting for their beliefs). As I tweeted last night: “I don’t think there’s a right and wrong in this situation. I do think it’s wrong I’m in trouble for voicing my opinion.”

I’m waiting to see how the school handles the rest of this situation, or if it is over and done with.

Please make it clear that the above is all I had to say about these events, and I am far from racist, sexist, or transphobic. I wouldn’t want to get in trouble again for having an opinion.

Thank you and Viva La Stool.



Well this proves everything that I’ve been saying for the past decade about school administrators. It’s like international waters or something where all the laws and rules of America don’t apply. I mean this has to be illegal right? How can a public high school just be like sorry but Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply in these walls. We can do whatever we want without repercussion. It’s insane! Listen I don’t care whether you agree with me or disagree with my blog but nobody can argue that what Sharon High did was illegal, immoral and Unconstitutional. I said my opinion. It wasn’t hate based at all. It wasn’t threatening. It was a legit opinion about a real issue. People are free to agree or disagree with it.  To “socially suspend”  a kid who is a clear school leader just for just wearing our sweatshirt is BEYOND preposterous. I hope a Civil Rights lawyer reads this and gets involved just to stick it to Sharon. Because this kid Steven has handled himself perfectly. He hasn’t said anything inflammatory. Just laying out the facts. The school owes him an apology plain and simple. It truly is a sad day for Sharon High. I don’t know how anybody could trust those administrators ever again for anything.


DISCLAIMER – Important Note For Everybody who will use what the comment sections says against us.   The commentator’s are not employees of Barstool.  They don’t represent the writer’s opinions or this kid’s opinions.   

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