Ronda Rousey And Alleged Domestic Abuser Travis Browne Engaged! Congrats To The Happy Couple!

I’m not a big fan of Travis Browne. Never have been. I thought he was an absolute moron for joining Glendale Fighting Club because Ronda Rousey was there, and still do. I partially blamed him for the demise of my beloved Ronda Rousey, and still do. I’m not happy for him.

Ronda Rousey, while being one of my favorite fighters, is also kind of a piece of shit. She was a home wrecker in Travis’ marriage where he allegedly beat his wife, was maybe the most hatable coach in Ultimate Fighter history, and dealt with a loss worse than anyone in MMA history. I’m not happy for her.

I am happy about one thing, and it’s this TMZ video. It brings me so much god damn joy. Why, you ask? Because it’s the most awkward video ever filmed. The neckbeard paparazzi cameraman clearly saw the ring from a distance (it’s huge) or got a tip on the engagement and wanted them to talk about it, so he opened with “Soooo uhh you guys got a little sun huh!”

What in the fuck is that, bro? Hysterical, but probably not the intention.

Travis then makes me uncomfortable by hugging Rousey and mumbling something in her ear like he’s shitfaced. So the TMZ guy tries getting to the point by zooming in on Ronda’s hand, and she keeps it moving around so he never gets a clear shot. He makes a joke about it being a rock, making her sink in the water, and it goes right over her head causing her to defend her swimming ability.

Then, in the most spine chilling moment, Ronda slurs, “Gettin’ maaaarrrrrriiiieeeeedddd” and I had to turn the video off. It was all I could take, and it was just enough for me to know I need to store away any good memories I had of Ronda, because there will never be any new ones.

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