Remember That Aircraft Carrier We Sent To North Korea? Yeah Nope It Went The Other Way


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So North Korea’s been all over the international news the last few weeks. Failed missile tests left and right. Those fuckers can’t get a bottle rocket off the ground. Think their last missile made it 4 seconds and the hot rumor in the international streets is that some U.S. hacker electronically fucked with their launches.

Anywho, the big news last week that was amid rising tensions between us and them, we sent the USS Carl Vinson strike group* over to the Korean Peninsula to kind of check things out. Keep an eye on shit. Monitor ongoing situations. Like sending an adult over to the playground to deter the kids from doing anything too crazy.


*(The Carl Vinson is a badass aircraft carrier. Fun fact about aircraft carriers: the United States has 10 active carriers; the rest of the world combined has just 13)


Trump actually said, “We are sending an armada, very powerful,” which is a fucking hilarious quote. The defense department very directly suggested this meant we were sending the Carl Vinson group up to Korea. This was false — it actually went the other way.


Source — The “armada” that President Trump said he was sending to deter North Korea still hasn’t arrived — and it has thousands more miles to cover if it actually does sail to the Korean Peninsula.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group actually sailed south after U.S. Pacific Command announced April 8 that it was cancelling the ships’ planned visit to Australia and instead ordering them to “sail north and report on station to the Western Pacific Ocean.


Love that despite what’s going on foreign policy-wise, no one ACTUALLY takes North Korea seriously. Trump’s like “yeah yeah we’re sending stuff up there to handle the situation, very powerful.” In reality we send nothing; the Vinson went down to hang out in Malaysia.

Such blatant disregard for North Korea and this preposterous human being.



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