Reader Email – Is This Vermont Newspaper Racist?

Reader Email
Small local newspaper printed this poster for one of the high school basketball teams it covers. The guys play in the Vermont D1 championship tonight against Rice Memorial High School and they are undefeated going in so it’s kind of a big deal around here. Needless to say, a whole bunch of white people got butthurt over this poster. It might have a little something to do with St. J housing a bunch of asian dorm students, but I say it’s mostly just vermont liberals getting a pc boner. I mean, Vermont is like 110 percent white anyways. Just read the comments, white guilt city. You guys think it’s racist?


I admit that I’m not the best judge to decide what’s racist and what’s not. But I’ve gone back and forth on this one a handful of times. I’m a big believer that in order for something to be racist hate has to be intended. You can’t accidentally be racist. You have to want to hurt people by doing it. Like I don’t think dressing up as Lil Wayne for Halloween and wearing blackface is racist. I just don’t. I think it’s part of your costume. And this isn’t hate filled. So no I don’t think this is racist. Every team does that “fry Rice” or “squish the Fish” or “beat the Heat” type shit. Fry is the only one that makes sense for a school named Rice.


Know who disagrees though? A bunch of white people.



Funny I didn’t see any Chinese people calling for the editor’s head. Just a bunch of bored white people who have never experienced in ounce of racism but somehow consider themselves qualified to condemn a local paper supporting the local high school to being Nazi propaganda. Relax, whiteys. Save your rabbles for another cause, which I’m sure you’ll find by day’s end.

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