Quick Update On Wounded Warrior Zach Parker….Stoolies Raised 15K Yesterday And Got Him His Chair


NEXT UP – SSG Michael Mccallum


Reader Email

Hey Pres,

I wanted to update you and thank you for what you’ve made possible. In less than 24 hours since you posted Parker’s story, $15,000 has been raised.  The track chair is around $10,000 so Parker will surely be getting it thanks to you and all the generous Stoolies. Hopefully it’ll reach $20,000 so that we will be able to purchase one also for our beloved squad leader who also lost both his legs due to an anti-personel mine earlier in the deployment and anything after that is just extra for Parker and his journey and Parker is cool with that they have been at the same hospital recovering together.

SSG Michael Mccallum was one of our squad leaders in ours and Parker’s platoon.  SSG Mac kneeled on an anti-personel mine that was embedded in a dirt roof on which he was firing from during a large fire fight and lost both his legs.  However, he is working to walk with prosthetic legs for short intervals and was able to greet us standing up when our plane arrived at the base coming home from deployment only 6 months after losing both legs above the knee.  He is not able to spend the majority of his time in his prosthetic legs though because of the pain cause from the pressure on his remaining legs.  Hopefully we will be able to get him a trackchair too to crank around in until he is hopefully up and running for good.  SSG Mac has been an inspiration to all of us and was the coolest NCO I’ve ever met.  He won the battallion NCO of the year competition just months before we deployed and was slated to go to Sapper school, which he would have dominated.  He has remained optimistic through all of this he is greatly missed in the platoon.  I just wanted you to know that I can’t express how thankful I am and that all the KO Barstool hags can get bent because you couldn’t be helping two better men. We all agree  that they took the best ones from us and no one deserves this more than these guys.    When this is all said and done we’ll get your some pics of the guys in their tank chairs rockin a sign.  Thank you for this and fighting the pussification and PC police and bringing that stuff to light.

Viva la Stool indeed.


All of us

Awesome.   Just an awesome job by people yesterday.   If you read this entire email it sounds like we need to raise a couple more bucks to get SSG Michael Mccallum a chair as well.   I actually asked the guy who emailed me orginially about Zach’s plight to set up an easier donation page.  One where Stoolies can track the progress.  I feel like that will help raise even more cash because it’s easier to donate when you see the difference it’s making and watch the money pile up Bus Lady style.   So they are going to put together a better donation page and send me the link.  Once I have it I’ll pass it along.   But just a great job yesterday by everybody who donated.   I knew we’d get him this chair and we’d get him fast.   Stoolies have never let me down when it counts.  Again can’t thank these guys enough for their service and sacrifice and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.  ‘Merica!

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