Please Join Me In Wishing Isaiah Thomas A Happy 28th Birthday

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.54.39 AM

Today we celebrate not only another Patriots Super Bowl parade, but also the 28th year of life of our lord and savior Isaiah Thomas. Crazy to me that he is a year younger and yet our lives are so different. That’s neither here nor there though as this is a time for celebration. Sunday February 22nd 2015, that was the day we all said hello to Isaiah, and the time since has been incredible. We’ve seen him grow from a guy nobody really wanted, to a legit MVP and All NBA candidate. He has won the Celtics countless games, including a couple in the playoffs, and when he is on the floor it has become MUST WATCH stuff. That’s pretty cool.

Above all else though, Isaiah is a nice dude. He is humble and works hard, and it feels great to actually like the superstar on your own team. Nobody deserves this run of success more than him, well maybe me for supporting him relentlessly all this time, but please, take some time and join me in wishing Da Gawd a happy 28th.

Now for your viewing pleasure….

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