Packers Are For Real



First thing first. That was a great football game. Great football game. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in football. Period. No questions asked. He was spectacular today. Made every throw, made every play that needed to be made. He made them with his arms and legs. Did I underestimate Green Bay? Yeah probably because I underestimated just how good Rodgers is. Just how big of a difference maker he is. Now I know why Big Cat has all these nightmares about him. Having said all that I still think the Pats defense played pretty well. Anybody who blames the defense for this loss just wasn’t paying attention. Sure they got scorched on a couple huge plays and breakdowns in the first half, but anytime they made Green Bay go the length of the field the Packers had to settle for field goals. Not to mention the fact I don’t think Revis will ever get burned like he did on that killer play at the end of the first half for the rest of his life.

Bottomline is they gave up 3 points in the 2nd half. They held Green Bay scoreless in the 3rd quarter and gave Brady a chance to get right back in the game, but we couldn’t deliver. Brady missed 2 open guys on 3rd down on our first two drives of the 2nd half. When you play teams like Green Bay and it’s a battle of HOF quarterbacks you got to be perfect. You can’t let the other guy breathe. That was the difference today. They just made a few more plays than us. They got off faster and they were too good to come all the way back on. If we play em again in Arizona I still love the Pats chances. I still think the Pats are a better overall team. Rodgers is an X factor for sure, but I don’t think he can beat us twice. If anything this loss may have been good for us so Belichick can dissect them if a rematch happens.

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