New Breed Of Puppies Called “Wotties” Are Cute As Fuck

Proud Momma and Poppa


The Kids

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(Source)They say that love knows no bounds, and these two dogs are certainly proof of that. West Highland terrier Joey has cross-bred with a female Rottweiler double his size to father a litter of 11 puppies, which have been given the name ‘Wotties’. The owner of both the dogs, Teresa Patterson, from North Grimston, Yorkshire, was surprised they had mated and was unaware it had taken place until the puppies were born. The Kennel Club, which each year registers around 250,000 puppies across 212 breeds, said it had never come across a ‘Wottie’ cross-breed. A spokesman said: ‘We can never say it has never happened but this is the first time we’ve come across it.’


I would have bet my entire life savings the Rottie was the dad.  Nope.  Just this little white dude mounting that big black ass and going to town. Do work, son! Do work! And no, it doesn’t surprise me that these puppies are cute as a fucking button. Everyone knows interracial babies are the cutest. White people are fucking boring, you need a dab of color in the mix. Doesn’t matter what mixed race it is, mixed race babies are way cuter than the transparent/pink things that an all white couple pops out.

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