Miltons Pimp My Look

Don’t expect the comment section to go too good on this one.

Time to reload the Miltons machine. Send all sob stories to [email protected] or [email protected] and help us help you. And you need to send pictures! If you sent an email without a picture resend with one to be considered.


The Week’s Contestant



Reader Email


This is my dear friend Daniel, a.k.a. “The Yo-Yo Man.”  On any given day, you can find him playing with a yo-yo (which he always carries in his pocket) around the UMASS campus. He’s nationally ranked for professional yo-yoing. Swear to God, google him. He’s practically a pro-athlete, so he’s gotta start dressing like one while he’s slaying all that college pussy, right? Whether he’s wearing a faux denim jacket or a hat that says “filthy” on it, this guy definitely needs to switch up his style. Please help him out. 
Viva La Stool,
P.S. His favorite pick-up line for girls is “I’m a yo-yoer, my fingers are magical”
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