Larry Lucchino Calling The Red Sox Scrappy Underdogs Just Hoping To Compete With the Blue Jays Makes Me Want To Vomit


Bostonherald - “I actually like being the underdog,” said Lucchino, who then compared his club with the rebuilt, back-in-business Toronto Blue Jays, who spent a ton of money this offseason in an attempt to revitalize baseball in a city where most people tuned out the game since the Roberto Alomar-Joe Carter glory days of the early 1990s. Lucchino said he reminded Blue Jays president Paul Beeston that “there’s no trophies for winning the offseason. If he wants to go into the season feeling he is the prohibitive favorite, that’s great. We’re just scrappy underdogs trying to win for our franchise and for our fans.”

So this is it huh? This is the new message from the Sox ownership. We’re the Pittsburgh Pirates. Just a bunch of scrappy underdogs trying to compete with major market teams lilke the Toronto Blue Jays. Umm okay Larry. Although truth be told if I really wanted to root for a scrappy underdog the last team on the planet I’d root for would be the Red Sox. I’d probably be a Royals fan. Seriously does this statement make everybody want to puke like it does for me? The Boston Red Sox are scrappy underdogs now? I think he meant underachieving bums.

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