Jews Aren’t Psyched About This “Jew In Box” Exhibit In Germany


BERLIN –  “Are there still Jews in Germany?” ”Are the Jews a chosen people?” Nearly 70 years after the Holocaust, there is no more sensitive an issue in German life as the role of Jews. With fewer than 200,000 Jews among Germany’s 82 million people, few Germans born after World War II know any Jews or much about them. To help educate postwar generations, the Jewish Museum in Berlin offers a Jewish man or woman to sit inside a glass box for two hours a day through August to answer visitors’ questions about Jews and Jewish life.

But not everybody thinks putting a Jew on display is the best way to build understanding and mutual respect. “Why don’t they give him a banana and a glass of water, turn up the heat and make the Jew feel really cozy in his glass box,” prominent Berlin Jewish community figure Stephan Kramer told The Associated Press. “They actually asked me if I wanted to participate. But I told them I’m not available.”

The provocative style is evident in other parts of the special exhibition, including some that openly raise many stereotypes of Jews widespread not only in Germany but elsewhere in Europe. One includes a placard that asks “how you recognize a Jew?” Yet another invites visitors to express their opinion to such questions as “are Jews particularly good looking, influential, intelligent, animal loving or business savvy?”


First things first.  What type of asshole Jew still lives in Germany?  Hey bro Germany hates your ass.  They made that pretty clear when they cooked everybody.  Go live somewhere else where you don’t have to sit in a glass box and answer question about how it feels to be massacred.  But to each their own I suppose.  I mean this museum is run by Jews so they can do whatever they want in my book.  That’s how it works. Like I choose to spend my free time watching porn, sports and eating.  Some Jews like to sit in a glass box and get poked with a stick.

Anyway onto the questions that I’m sure not only Germans have but most of middle America has about Jews…..

1. How Do You Recognize A Jew?

 A. Big nose. Surfer hair, big dick, hunchback neck and generally complaining about something

2. Are Jews particularly good looking?

 A. I guess that depends.  Would you say this fella is particularly good looking?  I thought so.


3. Are Jews influential?

Umm you don’t get the self proclaimed nickname “Davey Pageviews” and called the Tastemaker because you’re not influential I’ll tell you that much.


4. Are Jews intelligent?

As long as we’re not getting baked in ovens we are.  We’re generally smarter than the rest of you for some reason.


5. Are Jews animal loving?

How many god damn dog videos do I have to post?   Cats don’t count though.  Because Cats are even sneakier and more conniving than  Jews.  Buy you want another dog video?  Fine.  Just once in my life I’d like to be this excited about anything.  Fuck you cats.


6. Are Jews Business Savvy?

Well let me ask you this?  You think that picture I put in of that handsome looking fellow wearing the Bald Bull tshirt was by accident?  Nope we sell those bitches.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


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