Jedi Lightsaber Workouts Are So In Vogue Right Now

DMA group of Star Wars fans yearning to travel to a galaxy far, far away have found a creative substitute in a combat choreography class in San Francisco specifically designed for lightsaber wielding and costume clad Jedis-in-training. As they’ve found, swinging around a lightsaber has never been so cool while also good for your health. Standing before a recent class in the city’s South of Market district, Alain Bloch, the self-proclaimed Jedi Master at Golden Gate Knights, demonstrated a slicing technique with his glowing blade.

Lot of people are going to make fun of these nerds obviously, but not me. Personally I HATE people that look down on other’s gym routines.  Like the tough guys that peer in window for Zumba class or whatever and laugh at all the weird dance moves. Guys who tell me that doing curls and situps for an hour won’t actually get me in shape. Same type of people that criticize what you order at a bar. Just let me get drunk or let me get jacked how I want to fucking do it.  I don’t care if you wear a fucking Nazi army uniform and Hitler mustache to do goose stepping exercises in the middle of the weight room, as long as there are a few less fat assholes in the world.

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