If You’re Not Using Uber Yet As Your Car Service You’re An Unsophicated Moron At Life



Do you know what the difference between being a schmoe and getting laid right now is in Boston? One word. Uber. Not even joking. Fighting for cabs is so 2010. Moguls use Uber now. In case you’re living in a cave Uber is basically an app that allows you to request a ride anytime anyplace. Within minutes a car will come and pick you up. You can even track the progress of your ride. How far away, what street etc. It’s an absolute no brainer. You’re stuck in Faneuil Hall 2am while all the dogs are fighting for cabs like peasants? No problem. Just pull your lady aside, make some small talk and wait for your chariot to arrive. The ride is prepaid through your credit card. Tip included. No hassles. Smooth operator city.

How confident is Uber in their product? They are giving away free rides to all Barstool users if you sign up through this link. Here is what you get. You will get 2 free 20 rides on UBERx (their midrange service that’s cheaper, faster and better than a TAXI.  You must use these from Tuesday-Thursday of this week.  ($20 max discount) This is a huge promo they are running throughout Boston.   But just for Stoolies if you sign up with this link you will not only get these 2 rides, but you will get a 3rd ride that you can redeem whenever you want and is good for $20 off any Uber Service other than TAXI (so UBERx OR Black Car)   Again you must sign up with this link to get the 3rd ride which you can use this weekend or any weekend.

Bottomline is this. Uber is better, faster and cheaper than a taxi. Their Black car option is better and cheaper than a car service. I guarantee you get hooked once you use it. Why am I telling you this?  Not only because they are paying me to, but honestly it’s a no brainer invention so it’s a win, win for everybody. I was going to blog it either way. It’s is like one of those inventions that you don’t even know how you lived without once you use it.  Join Uber and thank me later.


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