If You Say You Know How Girls Pee You’re A Damn Liar





Just two medical physiologists in the lab breaking down some female anatomy on KFC Radio this week. Mixed it with romper talk too, because we don’t want to get too off brand.


To be honest I don’t see how anything I said I was wrong. Maybe some slight inaccuracies but ladies got very upset about it. They said it wasn’t correct because they don’t even pee out of their vaginas. Of course, I promptly said, “You’re gonna have to explain yourself on that one.”


Girls, apparently, say they pee from their urethra and not their vagina. Well guess that? That’s bullshit. I pee from my urethra too, but I pee from my penis. You pee from your urethra, fine? Your urethra is in your vagina so you pee from your vagina. And that pee goes everywhere because you don’t have a hose attached to it.

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