If You Like Boxing You Owe It To Yourself To Watch Timothy Bradley Vs. Rusian Provodnikov


If you like boxing you need to watch this fight.  If you don’t want to watch it on youtube it re-airs on HBO 2 at 5pm today.  Quite simply one of the best fights I’ve ever seen in my life.   Tim Bradley won a decision despite being knocked out basically 3 times.  And when I say knocked out I mean he was totally out on his feet.  Just pure survival instincts at work.    And yes I know whenever I say I watched a great fight all the MMA yahoos come out of the woodwork saying boxing sucks.   Listen I like MMA, but there is nobody on god’s green earth who can tell me that  MMA can match this in terms of excitement.   The only time MMA can even come close is when 2 guys stand up and box, but then that’s just boxing except with 2 guys who aren’t as talented.

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