If You Haven’t Seen “Sing Street” Yet, Watch It





First, I know I’m late on this. I don’t think I am to the casual movie watcher, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if most casual movie watchers haven’t even heard of Sing Street. Still I’m sure some tough guys, the kind of guys who call movies films, aren’t even reading this and instead skipped to the comments to say, “I SAW IT LAST YEAR.” Ok, that’s fine. But for those who don’t read Rotten Tomatoes like it’s an erotica novel, consider this a PSA: watch Sing Street. Watch it tonight.


I will admit that I watched this on a cross country flight and acknowledge that everything is better a 30,000 feet when you’ve got absolutely nothing else to do, but Sing Street was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. The premise isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s a coming of age tale about a kid who starts a band so he can kiss a girl, but it’s done excellently. “Fun” is a kind of shitty way to describe a movie but guess what? That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. It’s a lot of fun. The kids are all funny, the “girl” is hot enough that you feel weird watching her as a 16 year old (I googled it, she’s 23 now so I’m guessing like 20ish during filming, you’re safe), and the music is awesome.


I know my movie recommendations are often scoffed at but this one is the real deal. Watch Sing Street as soon as you have the time then come back and thank me and tell me how awesome I am.



PS – “Drive It Like You Stole It,” the second YouTube up there, is an absolute HEATER.

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