I Think I May Have To Withdraw from the Mayor’s Race Before I Even Begin



Okay I’m sure everybody is going to call me a pussy and say I never planned on running blah, blah, blah. Well nothing could be further from the truth. Hell I got “Weird Haircut Seth” as my campaign manager sitting in Marbles old office doing nothing for the past two weeks. So why am I thinking I need to withdraw? Simple. Running for Mayor is more complex than I originally thought. Not that I can’t handle it but you I need to raise money to do it right. I need to hire a campaign finance lawyer and I need to pay for staff and lots of ohter shit I didn’t anticipate having to do in the beginning. No biggie I thought. I’ll just fundraise. My plan was to sell El Prez For El Mayor tshirts and bumper stickers and and raise a shit toney of money for my campaign that way. But here is my issue now. After the Marathon I don’t see how it’s possible for me to fundraise for my political campaign when the money should be going to the marathon victims. Frankly I don’t know how any politicians could be fundraising in Boston right now. So that’s where I’m at. I’m stuck. I know I need cash to run a campaign, but every dollar I raise should go to charity. That’s why I’m thinking I need to bow out. It sucks but I’m not sure how else to do this.  Either way I’ll have my official decision by end of day tomorrow.

PS – Yes I fully realize that this blog probably re-enforces exactly why I have to be the Mayor. Kind of the same reason why Maximus had to be the Emperor of Rome.

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