I Think Everybody Needs To Get On Board With Fitchburg State Alum And Future Wrestling Superstar Jimmy “The One Man Thrill Ride” Preston


No joke this was the best wrestling promo I’ve probably seen in the last decade.  Yeah I know it had nothing to do with wrestling, but it doesn’t matter.  This was electric.   Like I was laughing out loud the entire time.   Hey Vince I hope you’re paying attention to what’s going on here because I just found your next WWE superstar.    Straight from Fitchburg State.    Jimmy “The One Man Thrill Ride” Preston.  Either you got it or you don’t.   This guy has got it in spades.

PS – Hey Jimmy if you see this I will gladly volunteer to be your manager for a match.   Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.  Powder in people’s eyes Mr Fuji style?  Done.   Megaphone over somebody’s head Jimmy the Mouth of the South style?  Done.   Whatever you need you got it.

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