Happy St. Paddy’s Day – Leprechaun In Mobile Alabama


You didn’t think I’d miss a 50 years storm did you? I mean it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day at the Stool if we didn’t play the Leprechaun in Mobile Alabama video. When I first saw this video I took a blood oath to play it every St. Patrick’s Day for the rest of my life as long as the Stool is still in business. So 8 years later here we are. Without a shadow of a doubt it is still one of the top 10 youtubes of all time. From the opening scene when that dude asks who has seen the leprechaun, to the amateur sketch drawing of it, to the lady who thinks he’s a crack head, to the guy who has the ancient flute, it’s one great moment after another. It’s when the Internet was still innocent and pure and there weren’t a million Barstool knockoffs stealing our shine.  Oh those were the days….those were the days.


Here is the rap version below;

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