Guess What, Jonathan Martin’s Mom Is One Of The Best Workplace Harassment Lawyers In The Country





(CBS)As Jonathan Martin remains secluded, separated from the Miami Dolphins following the bullying saga with fellow offensive linemen Richie Incognito, his mother, a nationally prominent employee lawyer, is likely considering all of her son’s options. Plenty has yet to be determined, including what the NFL will find in its own independent investigation, and whether the case will play itself out in court in a potentially messy workplace harassment ordeal. But Martin, a Stanford graduate who was preceded by three generations of Harvard graduates, couldn’t be better suited to deal with the legal ramifications thanks to his mother, Jane Howard-Martin, who’s more than comfortable at the center of expensive workplace lawsuits. “She’s a great person, a great lawyer and this is her playing field,” one of Martin-Howard’s former attorney colleagues said to The Sun Sentinel. From the paper: “Howard-Martin is now a corporate lawyer for Toyota in Los Angeles. But for nearly two decades she litigated employment-law cases, spoke at legal symposiums as an expert on the subject and wrote articles for legal journals.” Howard-Martin even penned a regular column for USA Today, outlining various acceptable workplace policies. In one article written in 2002 titled “Stop workplace harassment in your company,” Martin-Howard argued that a harassment policy isn’t valuable unless it’s universally enforced.




Ohhh well isn’t this convenient! Isn’t this some grand coincidence! The guy to bring the first ever (probably) workplace harassment lawsuit to the NFL is the kid of a nationally known workplace harassment lawyer. If you don’t think that makes this entire thing stink to high heavens then you need your head checked. You know how sometimes you’ll be on the phone with your mom, and she’ll ask you how your day was and you’ll say “Fine,” no matter what happened, because you’re not a little fairyboy. Well Martin is the guy who told his mom every little thing he did. Classic Mama’s boy. But when Jonathan would tell his mom about all his best friend Richie’s jokes, a light went off in her head… Jonathan, that’s bullying! We can sue! He was mean! And now we’re here. Jane Howard-Martin convinced her son that he was bullied so she could file a workplace harassment lawsuit against a multi-billion dollar corporation. Conspiracy! Conspiracy!


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