Does This Look Like the Face of A Lady Who Has Dedicated Her Life To Trying To Get Hallmark To Make A “Terminally Ill” Card Section?


Dailymail - A widow who lost her husband to cancer three years ago is now fighting a battle with Hallmark to create end-of-life sympathy cards. Activist and artist Regina Holliday has been petitioning for the immensely popular card company to create a line of hospice cards that are meant to say goodbye to friends, loved ones, and acquaintances. Though the greeting card company has plenty of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards and sympathy cards if the worst should happen, there are no cards specifically designed for someone in terminal care.

‘When my husband Fred and I were in rehab, we had all these great cards saying fight the good fight, you can do it, cheering you on, thinking you could actually have an effect on cancer.’ But when Mr Holliday’s cancer worsened and he was moved to hospice, the flow of well-wishes and cards stopped abruptly. ‘People didn’t know what to say,’ the mother of two explained.

In her latest effort, she created the petition, which has more than 3,200 supporters.

It always sucks when you I have to blog stories like these. Like it sucks I’m going to have to lock horns with a chick whose husband died of cancer. But guess what? Somebody has to do it. I mean this is the DUMBEST and I mean the DUMBEST protest in the history of protests. Hallmark doesn’t have greeting cards for when people move into hospice/terminal care? Umm what about “Thinking of You?” cards? What could be more appropriate than that? What does she want? Sorry you’re about to die cards? I just don’t get it. Who would make a stink about this? And if you can’t find a card you like than just get a blank one with a picture of a dog and write a note. Not to mention the fact Hallmark is a for profit company. They make cards that they can make the most money on. You think I like it that they only make 2 Hannukah cards every year? No, but there ain’t enough Jews to create the demand. That’s life. I didn’t start a petition about it like a baby.  I just cry myself to sleep during the holidays instead.

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