Disguntled Walmart Employee Talking All Sorts Of Mess While Being Pinned To The Ground By A Fat Walmart Employee



This is a pretty funny video right up until you remember that at best this guy is a future Occupy Wallstreet dude and at worst the next mass shooter.  Having said that I’d still be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the part at the very end when he turned on the camera dude saying he was going to stab him in the throat.   I’m not saying I wanted that to happen in real life, but I totally did.   All these hippy camera people always fighting for the rights of people they perceive to be abused even when they are clearly psychopaths like this guy.


PS – I’m trying to think if there can be a lower moment as a human being than being a Walmart employee who is being sat on by a fat coworker in the parking lot?

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