Dear Umass…Uncle Pres Has Delivered Again….Free Buses For Everybody To Springfield!


Springfield is one week from tonight.   For the only time this year Springfield is going to be the heartbeat of Massachusetts.   Foam and Smokes raining from the ceiling.   Now the people who were running the buses from Umass said they wanted to cancel them because they didn’t think Umass would come.  I would hear none of that.   Umass ALWAYS turns out for the Stool.  ALWAYS.   So just to make sure all our Umass Stoolies are present and accounted for I said I’ll buy the fucking buses myself.  So now for all Umass students when you buy a ticket just put in the code “BUS” and boom you’re good to go.   Did the Pres do it again or did the Pres do it again?

To get all the pick up and drop off info join this facebook group     And remember a ticket to Springfield Foam now includes transportation to and from the Zoo.


WESTFIELD UPDATE – I guess I should have forseen this one coming.  Now Westfield people are pissed their buses aren’t free.  Well the bus people didn’t cancel your buses.   They cancelled Umass so I had to jump in and save them.   We don’t run the buses.   It’s Buses 2.    I had to save Umass’s buses.   We have a long storied history of partying together.   Next time I’ll get yours buses, but your buses are all set and filling up by the second and were never in jeopardy.

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