Crazy Parade Fight


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My brother and his friends were out at the Sox parade and they ended up in the middle of a niftyyyy little scuffle. Got some primetime footage too. Dude in the green Ortiz jersey just sneaking around low key stomping domes and the kid in the red t-shirt throwing viscous Mike Tyson hooks. Females running around screaming like absolute idiots as per usual. Hopefully the 6 bodies strewn across the pavement all made it out okay. Viva!

- John


First of all has anybody ever been ignored more than the guy who was yelling “No Jumping! No Jumping!” in the beginning?  People taking cheap shots left and right.  Seriously that was fucking wild.  Like there is a fine line between fights being funny and fights being scary as fuck.   That one ventured into scary as fuck with bodies just lying all over the pavement.  Dudes getting stomped on the head when they are already out cold.  Curb stomp city.  Massholes gonna masshole I suppose.

PS – Unreal camera work.  This bro didn’t miss one shot.

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