Congressman Uses “Stranger Things” To Describe Donald Trump





I love Stranger Things. I love to hate Donald Trump. So, by the transitive property, I should love this, right? Wrong, bucko! (Shoutout to Rep. Cicilline anyway. Sup Newport. 401 or die.) I guess it works in the sense that it goes viral, but this seems like a Buzzfeed or Slate article with shit like “19 times America was totally in the upside down” or “Donald Trump isn’t actually the president he’s the demagorgon.”


Just stand there and say he’s a lunatic. Roll a TV onto the house floor like a substitute teacher and play his press conference, that thing was more absurd than anything that’s happened in Hawkins, Indiana. Maybe I’m wrong and this actually is the most effective way to reach the braindead people who are still Trump fans but it seems like a shit site looking for clicks rather than an actual political tactic. Plus, the folks who like him probably don’t watch shows like Stranger Things because they’re too busy taste testing fingerpaints so they don’t even understand the references or just how dangerous the demagorgon is.

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