Barstool Update: Rutgers Holds Candlelight Vigil For Fat Sorority That Was Attacked By Student Newspaper

Dailytargum – A public display of greek life unity took to the steps of Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus last night, as members of different University greek organizations came together to show support for each other in response to The Medium’s recent article targeting Alpha Chi Omega.Tara Rabinowitz, the president of the University’s Panhellenic Association, along with the Interfraternity Council, organized the unity event. Matthew Ruffe, the president of the Interfraternity Council said the event’s purpose of supporting the University’s fraternities and sororities was best expressed as a public rally. “In a public space, it allows us to show that while one organization might be being attacked, we stand together as a group, and it kind of makes a statement showing that we are, whether we’re men, women, culturally based, or socially based, we are a united greek community and we will support each other,” said Ruffe, a School of Arts and Sciences senior. Sergio Palomo, a member of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, said the manner in which freedom of speech is implemented on campus needs to be seriously considered.

Wait did I miss something? Did somebody die here? I mean Rutgers really held a candlelight vigil for the fat sorority that the school newspaper made fun of? Really? Like yeah that article was mean, but get over it. Seriously about this Sergio Palomo cat? “The manner in which freedom of speech is implemented on campus needs to be seriously considered”? Umm dude it was a satirical article about fat chicks? I think you may be overreacting a little bit. Just give these broads some free Chester Puffcorn’s and call it a day.  Win, win for everybody.

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