51. Shocking Violence Erupts In Ping Pong Match





I’m not sure who to even rip on here. The little ping pong guy? That match was a bloodbath. It had nothing to do with the ref. Final was 11-6 and judging by the last two volleys it wasn’t even that close. So you take your aggression out on the judge? C’mon dude, that’s just sad. And what about the judge? Bro you’re like 11 feet tall. You dominate that kid. I know it can be intimidating when a ping pong bully starts running your kitchen, but dude you’re humungous. If you’re going to jump up and be aggressive towards the kid then do something about it. Get violent. Don’t just throw a paddle, stick your tail between your legs and walk away. As far as I’m concerned this was an exchange with no winners.

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