The Men Who Walked Into A Police Station With A Loaded Gun And A Camera To Test Open Carry Laws Released Video Of The Cops About To Shoot Them Down

PREVIOUSLY: Open Gun Carry Bros Go To A Police Station With Rifles Slung: Wasnt Actually A Good Idea

YouTube – I’m charged with carrying a concealed weapon, felony resisting, and breach of peace.

On Feb 5th 2017, I and Liberty Is For Everyone were arrested for exercising our 1st & 2nd amendment right’s. We now face felony charges. Here is the lobby footage of that day. This is from my camera that was mounted on the tripod. I finally got the footage from our discovery request just three days before the probable cause hearing.

All of our guns have been confiscated, along with my car, laptop, cell phone, camera’s, hard drive, and work keys.

This story first went viral a month back but the guy being arrested just released his full video after pleading not guilty to the charges against him. And obviously I can’t say I’m shocked that one didn’t work out for them. Even in Grand Theft Auto if you walk into a police station with a loaded weapon the cops are going to take you down about as aggressively as they were about to here, instant five star rating. In fact there are very few situations in which I imagine walking up to cops with a loaded gun, disobeying their orders, and cursing back at them as they’re visibly uncomfortable is going to end well. That’s me though, not nearly as sovereign of a citizen as this dude who’s clearly #woke like a case of Red Bull and dead set on proving whatever points about freedom to carry guns.

And for as much as a part of me wants to empathize with guys like this — legally they may right and be fully entitled to everything done on camera here even as cops call them “professional provocateurs” trying to capitalize on “Trumpophobia” — videos like this are so asinine. It’s not like we’re in some totalitarian state where they’re coming into this guy’s home and threatening to take his guns. Should the cops know every single law and by-law and not threaten to kill a guy for something that may technically legal? Probably yeah. But when you come around dressed like a militant possible terrorist and start spouting off at the mouth for some YouTube activist shit, bad things can happen. Everyone involved in this situation is lucky these dudes didn’t get iced the second the one guy refused to drop his weapon, it could have been even messier both literally and figuratively.

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