This Fight Between Two Drunk Rednecks Over The Last Beer Is Everything You’d Expect And Then Some

A lot of people had a hard time understanding that Jamaican dude going off on his sidechick yesterday but I defy you to tell me these two combining deep Southern drawls with SLOSHED inflections isn’t a billion times more difficult to figure it out. And at first I thought it was fake since their punches packed all the weight of pro wrestlers on their first day of training or people fighting underwater. But then you see them go from this:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 9.39.27 AM

To these bloody messes by the end:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 9.42.06 AM

And I guess they must have done some real damage. But really what spoke to me the most was them hugging it out in the end. I wasn’t clear on if they were actually brothers or just two megapowers in the drunken slow motion redneck fight game realizing that a single remaining beer isn’t worth all this, calling each other “brother” as a showing of mutual respect between two titans of fisticuffs who may be missing a chromosome or two. There’s no denying they both deserve a beer or an equally probable meth habit for that performance.

Also the chick filming deserves a shoutout for being a true redneck queen. Sure she’ll stand there and tell you to stop while you swing wildly on your friend over $1 worth of beer and at the end she’s going to lecture you about drinking. But she’s going to stand there and let a drunken redneck man swing on another man until he gets it out of a system first. Supportive and enabling all at once, it’s endearing really.

(h/t Phil)

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