The Warriors Are Crying That The Thunder Organization Handled Kevin Durant’s Return Poorly As Warriors Visit OKC Tonight

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ESPN – Kevin Durant will enter Chesapeake Arena as a visitor for the second time Monday, and even though he’ll be sidelined with a knee injury, he most likely still won’t get the welcome back treatment.

The Golden State Warriors organization was furious and bewildered about the inactivity from Oklahoma City Thunder leadership leading up to that first Durant return contest on Feb. 11, league sources told ESPN.

Sources say the Warriors were of the mindset that someone from ownership or management should have addressed the media on Durant’s behalf to help ease the tension upon his return.

The feeling is that Durant should have been acknowledged or thanked, in a news conference setting, for his nine years of excellent service.

The Warriors’ belief, according to sources, is that the Thunder’s silence contributed to the raw emotions, outrage and indignation that created an unsettling, hostile atmosphere for a player many consider to be the franchise’s all-time best.

The Warriors felt, according to sources, that for a player who meant so much to a city — a small-market city at that — a courtesy greeting was in order from top brass, who should have issued their fans a reminder and proper perspective on Durant’s role in elevating the Thunder into a perennial championship-contending team.


This story blows my mind. So Kevin Durant spurns the Thunder in total scumbag fashion and heads to join the team that beat his Thunder in the playoffs in one of the softest moves in sports history. And now we’re hearing the Warriors expected the Thunder to take control of the hostile environment at home and address the big elephant in the room so Thunder fans would play nice? Are you fucking kidding me? One of the more ridiculous stories I’ve heard in a while. You think the Heat called the Cavs when LeBron returned the the Land for the first time as a visitor? Fuck no, he was mercifully booed in amazing fashion. You’re goddamn right Durant was going to get the same treatment. “The feeling was that Durant should have been acknowledged or thanked, in a news conference setting, for his nine years of excellent service.” OKC would rather move back to Seattle than kiss that pussy’s ass and thank him for his time. Oh yeah dude they built the whole team around you, worshipped you, treated you like absolute royalty and what did you do? You abandoned them like a baby back bitch to retreat to safer waters. Get the fuck outta here.


So now the Warriors visit Chesapeake Arena for the second time this season, this time with KD sidelined with his knee injury. There’s still bad blood even with Durant out of the equation, especially with Curry coming out recently saying Harden is the MVP this year over Westbrook.


He’s going to be “Scorch Earth Westbrook” tonight in what should be a great game. I’m expecting 40/20/15 and nothing less.

P.S. Thunder +1 is a lock

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