New Swipe Drunk Love Tonight At 10, ‘An Evening With Experience’ Featuring Rear Admiral. Call In (646) 627-8450

Last week was an awesome Post-Valentine’s Day Special episode of Swipe Drunk Love, some highlights:

And for this episode since it’s #ChicletsTakeManhattsan week, we’re bringing on my personal favorite over-40 Bostonian Rear Admiral for something we’re calling An Evening with Experience. Smitty and I have had our fair share of life experiences but RA is going to come in with a different perspective as a now-married man who lived through a totally different era of dating and learned a shitload of life lessons throughout the process.

Smitty, me, and Alyssa “Tits McGee” Rose will be with Rear Ad taking your calls at (646) 627-8450 at 10PM LIVE on the Barstool Sports Facebook Live. Call in with whatever questions you have about your love life, any advice you need in dating, or stories you think are worth our time. It’s going to be a high energy vibe with RA spinning yards so bring us good stuff.

In the meantime, catch up with last week’s barnburner episode with Trent, Riggs, Francis, Caleb, Glenny, and more, it was genuinely the episode that made me laugh the hardest so far and was a lot of fun:

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