Dude Goes Super Viral For Live Tweeting The…Murder Of His Roommate? Oh Cool

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GainesvilleGainesville police on Tuesday had no answer to what prompted a woman to fatally shoot her former boyfriend in the head in her apartment on Monday.

Katherine Jean Tonner, 24, remained in the Alachua County jail on a murder charge for the death of Jose Ricardo Ortiz III, 26.

Ortiz’s body was found by one of Tonner’s roommates. A police report said Ortiz had been living in the apartment despite the split.

The roommate told police he was in his third-floor room when he heard “three loud bangs” below him on the second floor. About five minutes later, he heard a fire alarm and went to investigate, the arrest report said.

The roommate called 911 and told officers he heard no arguing — despite “paper-thin walls” — before the shooting, police said.


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2017, what a world. Say what you want about millennials but don’t say we don’t know how to turn even the most grim, grisly situation into a chance to get attention. Seriously it’s a question I ask all the time but what did we do before the internet? Just call the police to report murders? And then what? You had to like write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper with a series of 140 character thoughts to be published in next morning’s edition? What if they didn’t get all the hashtags right? Just boggles my mind how we survived for as long as we did without social media access.

@Chaserojo capitalized on the new technological world order though, that’s for sure. Thousands upon thousands of retweets and faves and mentions for his live tweets of the horrible murder of his roommate and the inconvenience it caused him in the aftermath.


Elite Daily snagged the screenshots and got this statement from the dude –

I really didn’t expect this to blow up like it did. I’m bad at reacting to serious situations so I thought I could just go to Twitter. They were dating ever since I moved in in August. Idk how long before that but apparently they broke up a week or two prior to this. I literally can’t fucking believe it happened.



What a tragedy. Now smash that follow button, fam.



[Gainesville, screenshots via Elite Daily]

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